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Dr. Shlomit Bechar

Dr. Shlomit Bechar


Projekt: "A Mediterranean Entanglement: The Impact of Aegean-type Vessels on Southern Levantine Assemblages"

The Late Bronze Age is known as the first period of true globalization (or ‘glocalization’), with the spread of inter-regional trade networks. As part of this, imported Aegean-type vessels were prominent throughout assemblages in almost all sites in the Levant and used as luxurious table ware. Whereas the local appropriation of these vessels has been extensively studied in the last decade, its impact on local pottery production has hardly been taken into consideration. In consequence, this proposal aims at examining how local pottery production and consumption was affected by the appropriation of large numbers and myriad shapes of foreign vessels especially in the context of commensal practices. My research will be built on comprehensive previous studies analysing chronological and stylistic aspects of Aegean-type pottery as well as my own broad experience in the evaluation of local Levantine pottery assemblages.

The hypothesis of this study is that with the influx of Aegean pottery, local potters lost interest in producing luxury tableware, and thus the local feasting sets were simplified and less varied. This will be examined using two methods. First, I will conduct a typological analysis of table ware (bowls and kraters) in local southern Levantine assemblages, beginning in the 18th or 17th centuries BCE until the end of the 13th century BCE from well documented sites. Second, I will collect imported Aegean Ware and local imitation of these vessels to conduct an organic residue analysis in order to identify whether Aegean Ware effected not only the morphology of the vessels but also their function (similar contents to similarly shaped vessels).